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President, Harris Global Enterprise Inc.

Born and raised in Toronto Spencer Harris began his career with Patience Simango and World Wide Acquisitions Inc. in March 2011. Motivated to succeed he quickly became one to watch receiving many compliments and winning various monthly contests offered by TNI. In September of 2012 Spencer earned the Silver Rep of the Quarter Award and followed that up with 4 Gold Rep of the Quarter Awards. He quickly moved through the ranks of Leader and Team Leader, and at the 2012 East Coast Holiday Party, earned his promotion to Assistant Manager. In February of 2015, he was promoted to Manager and began running his own WWA office in North York. In the summer that same year, Spencer achieved his goal of Ownership and began running his own corporation, Harris Global Enterprise Inc. Cheryl Teoh was soon promoted to Assistant Manager and HGE went on to earn the Rookie Owner/Manager of the Year Award at the 2015 Owners’ Conference. Spencer’s company has continued to steadily grow and succeed, leading to the recent promotions of Graham Harris to Assistant Manager and Cheryl to Manager. Spencer is now embarking on the expansion of his business to the Greater Toronto area, and eventually hopes to run locations across Canada and into the USA.


Manager, Harris Global Enterprise Inc.

Cheryl Teoh, whose father worked with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, was well traveled when she began her career with Patience Simango and the team at World Wide Acquisitions Inc. in August of 2012. She also holds an honors degree in International Relations, which made her a perfect candidate for her role at WWA. She made an immediate impact in the field and it wasn’t long before her mentoring skills were noticed, leading to a promotion to Leader. She began building a strong team, ensuring the people she mentored realized personal successes of their own. In the spring of 2015, she was promoted to Team Leader and accepted an opportunity to put her skills to work in a WWA expansion office. She joined Spencer Harris at WWA3 and moved with him to North York in July of 2015. A short time later, she received her promotion to Assistant Manager and played a key role in Spencer realizing his goal of incorporating Harris Global Enterprise that August. Most recently, Cheryl received a well-deserved promotion to Manager and is once again an integral part of HGE’s expansion efforts. Cheryl’s next career move is to run an HGE office and ultimately incorporate her own agency in the future.


Assistant Manager, Harris Global Enterprise Inc.

Graham began his career with HGE in August of 2013 and his determination and incredible work ethic shone through immediately. Graham is constantly pushing for success and has received numerous professional accolades throughout his career. Notable achievements include receiving both Gold and Silver Rep of the Quarter awards, a promotion to Team Leader, and the Top Leader award for HGE at the 2015 Agency Holiday Party. Graham’s hard work, loyalty and incredible leadership skills were recognized in his recent promotion to Assistant Manager. Graham is now playing a key role in the expansion of HGE into the greater Toronto area and has his eyes on the prize – a promotion to Manager and ultimately, incorporating and running his own agency.