Harris Global Enterprise Inc.

Harris Global Enterprise Inc. is a fund-raising agency whose current clients consist of prominent national and international non-profit organizations. We have realized incredible success through our personal donor acquisition strategies, which has allowed us to open offices in Ontario and we have goals for further expansion in the future. We provide employment opportunities for dynamic and exciting people of diverse backgrounds, whose individual passions come together and as a team, make a huge impact on the causes we represent.

Our Success: The Personal Approach

Our method and technique is simple and has proven to be the most effective way to acquire new and loyal donors for our clients. By applying a friendly, face-to-face approach to our fund-raising strategies, we meet directly with donors, and through this, are able to dramatically increase our clients’ donor bases without dramatically increasing their marketing and acquisition budget!

What We Do

Harris Global Enterprise Inc. specializes in unique face-to-face marketing aspects – we speak directly to individuals, in person – raising awareness for our clients and their programs. Our fund-raisers truly believe in the causes they represent and the result is an honest and engaging dialogue with their audience. It is through this type of personal interaction that potential donors are able to fully realize the difference they can make by participating in our clients’ programs. Our goal is to engage these individuals, then assist them in committing long-term to the organization they choose to donate to.

Aspirations for the Future

We want to continue to share the important work our clients do with our growing audience. To do this, we are looking to expand our operations all across Canada, the Continental US, and eventually overseas. In addition, we have goals to continually increase our staff and to strongly expand our client portfolio to cater to our growth.

Our Vision

At Harris Global Enterprise Inc., we pride ourselves on the caliber of our staff and love to promote from within! We focus on training the next generations of our management team as our management team of tomorrow will play an instrumental role in helping in the growth and expansion of our company, enabling us to achieve ours and our clients’ goals!